Opportunities for Corporates

We work with leading corporations across the world, connecting them with the world’s best technology and talent through tailor-made collaborations.

Why Corporates Should Engage With Startups

Working with startups and SMEs is often a challenge for corporates, however, these collaborations often have the potential to unlock significant value.

Corporates who have mastered startup-corporate collaboration generally experience some of the following benefits:

  • Drive an innovative culture and future proof your business

  • Create a competitive edge in increasingly competitive global markets

  • Gain access to transformational key technologies

  • Accelerate digitisation within your business

  • Unlock new customer segments & revenue streams

  • Leverage your balance sheet to accelerate the adoption of new business models

How We Work With You

As experts in venture development, Rainmaking Expand brings together all elements of the innovation ecosystem to assist corporates with every step of startup-corporate collaboration.

Corporates who work with us gain access to rich innovation ecosystem around the world, discover bleeding edge technologies and benefit from our over 16 years of venture development and market entry expertise that drives commercial outcomes.

Connect with relevant startups

Discover and acquire access to strategic technologies matching your industry and business challenges.

Network with leaders in your field

Develop networks with the best-in-class startups, SMEs and industry leaders globally.

Stay on top of the latest trends

Stay up to speed on the trends disrupting your industry and develop internal innovation capabilities to be an industry leader.

Collaborate and drive impact

Best practises to collaborate with startups and SMEs meaningfully to drive strategic opportunities and achieve success.

Bespoke solutions to match your problem statements

Increase new business development opportunities and improve venture investment deal flow.

Who We Are

Our Rainmaking Expand programmes are multi-year projects designed to facilitate engagement and relationships between leading corporations and the world’s most innovative startups and SMEs. We help forward thinking corporations identify and de-risk strategic opportunities with high-potential startups and SMEs from around the globe to deliver impactful results.

Rainmaking is one of the earliest venture studios founded in Denmark in 2007. We have been building and operating in this space for the last 16 years. Our global footprint spans 35 cities in APAC, MENA, Europe and North America, with Singapore, the Asia Pacific headquarters established in 2015. The company has built, fostered and invested in over 1,000 technology startups to date, and its Startupbootcamp and Rainmaking Expand programmes have helped startups scale and enter new markets all over the world with a focus on driving commercial outcomes. Regardless of a startup’s maturity or industrial sector, the Rainmaking Expand programme enables access to customised support, in-market networks of experts and decision makers and a wealth of best practice relating to market entry.

Our Impact

  • Developed a unique market entry programme focusing on real commercial results
  • Deep global networks across multiple key industries
  • Venture building partner to the Singapore Government
Cities across across APAC, MENA, Europe and the Americas
Startups worked with and scaled since 2010
Corporate-Startup connections made in 2022

Find out how partnering with us can help you achieve tangible business results.