Market Entry into the Netherlands

Strategically navigate market expansion to the Netherlands through our programme

The Programme

Rainmaking Expand: Netherlands is a market entry programme for startups and SMEs looking to expand and de-risk entry into the Dutch market. We do this by collaboratively working with your company to strategically validate the best method for your business to enter into the Netherlands and support the execution by connecting and building commercial opportunities.

Companies in the programme will go through three phases, adapted to your specific needs, readiness and schedule. We do this because we understand that market expansion cannot be timeboxed and can vary between each company. In the programme, you and your team will work closely with an Expand Lead—who will guide your overall development and expansion—as well as a Partnerships Lead—who will connect you to our broader network in-market to generate strong business leads and support your expansion with the goal to achieve commercial success.

Programme Timeline

The programme is cohortless with regular onboarding. We will be accepting companies like yours into the programme every month, allowing for flexible and dynamic approaches to the Dutch market, which is inline with both your company plans and with the opportunities discovered in-market.

Startups and SMEs who join this programme will go through three phases: Go-To-Market Review, Go-To-Market Execution and Post-Programme Support. The time spent in Phase 1 and Phase 2 will depend on your timeline, market readiness and identified opportunities. After connecting with various commercial leads and making progress towards commercial agreements in Phase 2, companies are able to access 18 months of post-programme support in Phase 3.

Phase 1

Go-To-Market Review: De-Risk Your Market Entry

This phase focuses on working with your company to identify a clear understanding of the market potential for your business in the Netherlands and validate your market entry.

The process for this is tailored for every company as we recognise that no two market entry strategies are the same.

Therefore we will adapt the process to your unique situation while also utilising our proven methodology to:

  • Identify assumptions on the business model
  • (re)Define the customer segments and the value proposition best suited to them
  • Master a clear presentation for the Netherlands

This phase can take 1 – 2 months to complete.

Phase 2

Go-To-Market Execution: Validate Commercial Opportunities

This phase focuses on the execution of the Go-To-Market strategy. During this phase, we focus on connecting with key players within the Netherlands and developing relationships with potential partners.

You can expect us to collaborate and navigate introductions which can lead to commercial outcomes while also:

  • Confirming and executing the expansion strategy
  • Generating high value market counterpart introductions
  • Creating high potential opportunities
  • Achieving concrete commercial engagements

This phase can take 2 – 6 months to complete.

Phase 3

Post-Programme Support: Commercial Engagement Development

After completing Phase 1 and 2, your company will move into Phase 3 which focuses on post-programme support. Phase 3 consists of regular check-ins and ad-hoc business introductions when we identify new potential leads in relation to your business needs.

In order to maximise your success in the Netherlands, this post-programme support is tailored to your needs and requirements.

This phase is available for 18 months after the completion of Phase 2.

Selection Process


This programme is cohortless, and has regular onboarding. Applications are open throughout the year, allowing startups and SME’s to apply and join the programme at the timing that best suites you.

This programme will be opening for applications soon. If you are interested in joining, or considering market expansion please register your interest below to meet our team and discuss your expansion.


If your application passes the initial stages, you’ll be invited to an online call for further review. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the programme, and for us to better understand how we might support your expansion goals.

Internal Review

Upon completing the interview, our team internally reviews your company and your expansion plans for the Netherlands.

Agreement Review

Upon a successful selection for the programme, we work with you to decide the best timing for your entry into the market and enter the agreement process review to align expectations and outcomes for the programme.

Why Netherlands?

High Quality Infrastructure & Innovative Culture

The Netherlands has a highly developed infrastructure with modern ports, airports and rail links. Ranked 3rd best in the world, the infrastructure provides multiple opportunities within Europe.

Favourable Tax Regime

The Netherlands has a favourable tax regime for businesses, with a relatively low corporate tax rate of 25% in 2021. The Netherlands also has a tax credit system for research and development expenses, making it an attractive location for research-intensive industries.

One of the Best Countries for Business

The Netherlands ranks high in many top business lists, highlighting it as a strong economy and culture for businesses to thrive. Forbes has listed the Netherlands in 4th for “Best Countries for Business”, and is listed 4th in the “Global Competitiveness Index”.

Incredible culture for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Netherlands has a long-standing culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently ranked 2nd in the world for R&D, the Netherlands has a high level of investment in the sector and is known for its open culture and focus on innovation.

Supportive Business Environment & Government Support

The Netherlands is a great location for businesses to thrive. Companies can benefit from a range of incentives and support programmes, and leverage support from the government who encourages a diverse group of founders to build a world-call startup ecosystem.

High English Proficiency & Ease of Doing Business

The Netherlands has a high level of English proficiency, with 90~93% of the population being proficient in English. This enables international companies to enter the market with relative ease as communication hurdles can be navigated reasonably easily.

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