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Phase 1

Go-To-Market Review: De-Risk Your Market Entry

This phase focuses on working with your company to identify a clear understanding of the market potential for your business in the United Kingdom and validate your market entry.

The process for this is tailored for every company as we recognise that no two market entry strategies are the same.

Therefore we will adapt the process to your unique situation while also utilising our proven methodology to:

  • Identify assumptions on the business model
  • (re)Define the customer segments and the value proposition best suited to them
  • Master a clear presentation for the United Kingdom

This phase can take 1 – 2 months to complete.

Phase 2

Go-To-Market Execution: Validate Commercial Opportunities

This phase focuses on the execution of the Go-To-Market strategy. During this phase, we focus on connecting with key players within the United Kingdom and developing relationships with potential partners.

You can expect us to collaborate and navigate introductions which can lead to commercial outcomes while aslo:

  • Confirming and executing the expansion strategy
  • Generating high value market counterpart introductions
  • Creating high potential opportunities
  • Achieving concrete commercial engagements

This phase can take 2 – 6 months to complete.

Phase 3

Post-Programme Support: Commercial Engagement Development

After completing Phase 1 and 2, your company will move into Phase 3 which focuses on post-programme support. Phase 3 consists of regular check-ins and ad-hoc business introductions when we identify new potential leads in relation to your business needs.


In order to maximise your success in the UK, this post-programme support is tailored to your needs and requirements.


This phase is available for 18 months after the completion of Phase 2.

Selection Process


This programme is cohortless, and has regular onboarding. Applications are open throughout the year, allowing startups and SME’s to apply and join the programme at the timing that best suites you.


If you are interested in joining, or considering market expansion please register your interest below to meet our team and discuss your expansion.


If your application passes the initial stages, you’ll be invited to an online call for further review. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the programme, and for us to better understand how we might support your expansion goals.


Internal Review

Upon completing the interview, our team internally reviews your company and your expansion plans for London and the UK.


Agreement Review

Upon a successful selection for the programme, we work with you to decide the best timing for your entry into the market and enter the agreement process review to align expectations and outcomes for the programme.

Why United Kingdom?

Strong Infrastructure & Dynamic Entrepreneur Community

The UK — and London in particular — boasts a dynamic entrepreneurial community, supportive policy environment and strong infrastructure created by the UK government. Startups and SMEs are able to take advantage and benefit from robust networks, favourable policy incentives and regular opportunities to meet and cooperate with other ecosystem stakeholders.


A Stepping Stone to Europe with a Large Customer Base

As the VC and unicorn capital of Europe, the UK market is the ideal stepping stone for companies that wish to take advantage of opportunities in Europe as well as the UK’s world class capital markets and professional services. In addition to the UK’s large consumer base, companies are able to easily reach the broader European market of over 500 million customers.


Easy to Establish in the UK

Companies can easily establish in the UK, with very few hurdles to clear. Starting or registering a business is easy and is not subject to any visa or residency requirements. Furthermore, the UK makes running a business relatively simple in comparison to other European countries and boasts a diverse and highly educated workforce.

Leading Market in Europe for Funding & Investments

The UK is the leading market in Europe for Venture Capital, and leads in terms of volume of funding provided to startups, with total funding exceeding $19.6 billion in 2022. A variety of UK government policies that incentivise VC investing makes investors eager to explore opportunities to fund companies in the UK.


Opportunities in Multiple Industries

The UK is home to a variety of different industries and constant infrastructure improvements create new opportunities for companies on a regular basis. Almost every sector has clear opportunities, but startups in energy, transportation, waste management, financial services, tourism and telecommunications can benefit from recent growth and a need for improvements.


Variety of Grants, Incentives and Schemes to Support and Grow Businesses

The UK government has established a variety of benefits for companies to utilise in the market, and has created dedicated Enterprise Zones which provide extra support around business expansion and investment. Companies can access incentives and grants related to their industry to subsidise their investments and can also benefit from tax relief.

Founders have expanded with us successfully


BeLive Technology

Rainmaking has been crucial to BeLive establishing business relationships with some of the largest technology and retail companies in South Korea. The Rainmaking Expand team have been incredibly supportive as our advisors as they provided unique insights into the South Korean market and helped us navigate business and cultural blockers. We are deep in discussions with more than half of the business connections that were established with Rainmaking, and would highly recommend the programme to startups at any stage.

Global Business Development Manager


Rainmaking Expand is a fantastic programme that helped us to focus priorities, validate some assumptions that we had about our target market, while also leading to new insights which brought clarity to our strategy and planning moving forward. We especially liked how the programme was tailored to our specific needs and growth stage, so every session or interaction was always adding value. Through this programme, we now have a clearer view of the landscape in our priority markets and have even been able to acquire qualified leads, which we hope to turn into actualised business in the near future.


Transreport Limited

The Transreport team has thoroughly enjoyed the programme. Expanding our network, through meeting various partners and advisors on the programme, has initiated new conversations about how we can use the technology we develop. The team delivered on access to important stakeholders with decades of industry knowledge in transportation, which will allow us to better facilitate our integration into our target market.

APAC Market Expansion Manager

Credit Engine

Rainmaking Expand is one of the best business building programmes that we experienced. It is truly a holistic programme that encompasses structure, business strategy review and engagement, with specific business matching with potential partners. The Rainmaking team is highly collaborative, extremely responsible and dedicated to ensuring that the programme initiatives add meaningful value.

CEO & Founder

Coco & Lucas' Kitchen

The programme has been very rewarding with the wealth of knowledge and expertise shared by the team. As an entrepreneur it has given me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how to do business in new markets through the amazing sessions put together by the team with amazing industry experts who have experience working in the target market and with large companies.

Managing Director

Smart Tradzt

The Rainmaking Expand programme has provided us with a better understanding of what it takes to enter the South Korean market. Various approaches were explored to gain access to relevant stakeholders in target client organisations. We were able to determine what worked and what didn’t. Overall the programme laid the foundation in our journey to expansion.

Embark on a thrilling journey of market expansion with Rainmaking Expand! Our programme is your passport to conquer market expansion and unlock untapped opportunities. Let’s collaborate to strategically validate your entry method and connect you with game-changing commercial prospects.

Experience the power of three transformative phases: Go-To-Market Review, Go-To-Market Execution, and Post-Programme Support. With an Expand Lead as your trusted guide and a Partnerships Lead igniting connections within our extensive network, you’ll navigate new markets like a pro.

Timing is everything! Our cohortless programme offers regular onboarding, allowing you to join at the perfect moment aligned with your plans and in-market discoveries. Plus, here’s the exciting news: Enterprise Singapore has your back! As an official partner of the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA), we’ve got financial support for Singapore-based entities. The majority of participation costs are subsidized, making this journey even more accessible.

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Expansion Opportunities

United Kingdom

An accelerated approach to the London & UK Market utilising our flexible framework for Market Entry

United Arab Emirates

Structured market entry into the dynamic and high potential ecosystem of the UAE via our programme

South Korea

A structured, multi-phased approach to exploring and de-risking entry into the South Korean market

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Ecosystem Partners

Deel is a US based unicorn startup serving more than 10,000 businesses worldwide, enabling companies to hire anyone, anywhere in a legally compliant way by providing a SaaS platform that lets you auto-generate contractor/employment agreements compliant with local labour laws in 150+ countries within a few minutes and pay all your overseas team members in multiple countries and  currencies with just a few clicks.

Scalerr is a Consulting firm offering Recruitment & Strategic Advisory services for Tech companies looking to scale in APAC. Our USP is that we help our clients to test & validate product market fit in new regions, we help connect our clients with resellers/customers/VC’s to accelerate their growth, and are experts in hiring teams for tech companies launching in new regions.


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