For the Second Year Running, Rainmaking Expand announces 10 Startups entering South East Asia after completing the JETRO Sponsored Program

  • Ten startups have successfully completed Rainmaking Expand: South East Asia / X-HUB TOKYO OUTBOUND PROGRAM Singapore Business Expansion Support Course, and accelerated their market entry into markets including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and key ASEAN markets. 
  • Through the rigorous 12 week program, these promising startups have benefited from the proprietary Rainmaking Expand proven methodology built around expert insights and hands-on guidance to determine the right market entry and positioning.

Osaka, Japan, Thursday, 22nd December, 2022 – Rainmaking Innovation (“Rainmaking”) and The Japan External Trade Organization (“JETRO”) are pleased to announce that ten startups have successfully completed this year’s Rainmaking Expand: South East Asia / X-HUB TOKYO OUTBOUND PROGRAM Singapore Business Expansion Support Course (“X-HUB TOKYO”) , resulting in accelerated market entry and company growth. For the second year running, the program has utilised the proven methodology of Rainmaking Expand. Startups on the program have been able to evaluate and tailor their approach to new markets within South East Asia, and benefit from commercial introductions facilitated through the program. 

Startups in the program spent 12 weeks with the Rainmaking Expand team, collaborating on their market discovery sprint and evaluating the startups’ readiness for their target market. Through this they gained tailored guidance on product market fit, client and commercial engagement, review of marketing and branding efforts, and benefited from introductions to investors, partners and expanded their businesses through the Rainmaking Expand proven methodology. The program was able to generate new business leads and clarify next steps for markets in South East Asia, leading to all ten startups validating opportunities in:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • The Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Cambodia

JJ Price from Hacarus stated: “Rainmaking Expand: South East Asia / X-HUB TOKYO is a fantastic program that helped us to focus priorities, validate some assumptions that we had about the South East Asian Market, while also leading to new insights which brought clarity to our strategy and planning moving forward. We especially liked how the program was tailored to our specific needs and growth stage, so every session or interaction was always adding value. Through this program, we now have a clearer view of the landscape in our priority South East Asian Markets and have even been able to acquire qualified leads, which we hope to turn into actualised business in the near future.”

Furthermore, members from Credit Engine shared that ”Rainmaking Expand: South East Asia / X-HUB TOKYO is one of the best business building programs that we experienced. It is truly a holistic program that encompasses structure, business strategy review and engagement, with specific business matching with potential partners. The Rainmaking team is highly collaborative, extremely responsible and dedicated to ensuring that the program initiatives add meaningful value.”

Bruno Abrioux, Program Director for the Rainmaking Expand: South East Asia program shared that, “We are delighted to have been entrusted with the X-HUB TOKYO program again this year, and proud of the success the startups within the program have achieved within the South East Asian market. We see the importance of enabling companies to enter the new market as South East Asia grows at a rate that is increasingly attractive to Japan. At Rainmaking, we are incredibly proud that our entrepreneurial DNA, heritage and track record have led to the success of these companies in our program. We remain committed to driving value for our startups and the wider community to fulfil the growth aspirations of founders globally.” 

With the rapid growth of South East Asia, many startups are seeking to enter the market to tap into the rising investments of over US$37B, and increasing opportunities that the region has to offer. With a combined economy of US$3.36T, startups are able to take steps outside of their Japanese home market, which has shown in recent years to be pivoting towards globalisation to reach broader markets and better opportunities. 

With the strong demand for startups to enter the South East Asian market, JETRO’s X-HUB TOKYO programs have added a South East Asia course, enabling Japanese startups to gain the support they need to enter the market. The team at Rainmaking have led this program for the second year in a row, facilitating the growth, guidance and business connections which has enabled the startups on the program to successfully enter their target markets. 

About Rainmaking Innovation

Rainmaking was founded in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark and has since expanded its network to over 35 cities around the globe. Rainmaking’s purpose is to help individuals, companies and societies solve big challenges by unleashing the power of entrepreneurship through our unique services. The company has built, fostered and invested in over 1,000 technology startups to date, and its Startupbootcamp and Rainmaking Expand accelerator programs have helped startups scale and enter new markets while focusing on commercial outcomes. The Rainmaking Expand program enables access to customised support, in-market experts, access to networks and expert assistance on best practices for market entry regardless of their maturity or industrial sector. 


JETRO, or the Japan External Trade Organization, is a government-related organisation that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Originally established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad, JETRO’s core focus in the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium sized Japanese firms maximise their global export potential.

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Written by
Meghan Bridges
December 22, 2022
Marketing Director, Rainmaking Expand

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