Chemical Recycling & Innovation Webinar – Expand United Kingdom

On Tuesday, 5 December 2023, our Expand UK team, in collaboration with SepPure, hosted a panel discussion titled “Chemical Recycling & Innovation in the UK.”

SepPure is one of Expand’s scaleups and and is currently an active participant in the EnterpriseSG GIA International Expansion programme, supporting the most promising technology companies expanding from South East Asia to the UK.


Effective hazardous waste recycling is crucial for organisations to safeguard our environment and prevent harmful pollutants from causing long-term damage. As the push for a more sustainable future intensifies, the hazardous waste recycling market is encountering various challenges. These include the increasing complexity of waste streams, the need for advanced recycling technologies, and the regulatory landscape’s ongoing evolution.

Panel guests include:

  • Professor Gyorgy Szekely, moderator, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at KAUST.
  • Ian Beswick, – Commercial and operational leader, Energy and Chemical Sector. Resilient Corporates
  • Dr. Mohammad Farahani, CEO of SepPure, the world’s leading innovative sustainable solution for chemical solvent separation processes using nanofiltration.

Topics covered include:

  1. Key Trends in the Chemical Solvent Recycling Industry: Understanding the current and emerging trends in Chemical Solvent Recycling, and how sustainability trends are evolving and impacting different industries and sectors
  2. How are Chemical Waste Generators & Management Companies Responding: Diving into how companies are adapting their operating model to align with this new landscape, and how waste generators are collaborating with technology experts to transform their recycling business from cost to profit centres
  3. New Innovations in Chemical Waste Generation and Recycling: Discussing the new technologies and approaches that are being used to help Chemical Waste Generation and Recycling Companies transform their business

Responses & Insights

Key Trends in the Chemical Solvent Recycling Industry
  • Shift towards sustainability with increased focus on circular economies.
  • Decrease in demand for low-spec solvents and rise in high-spec solvent requirements.
  • Adoption of water-based solvents to reduce atmospheric emissions.
  • Innovation in recycling technologies to meet tighter technical specifications.
  • Transition from viewing solvent disposal as a cost centre to exploring new business models like tolling and in-situ solvent recovery.
How Chemical Waste Generators & Management Companies are Responding
  • Embracing new technologies for in-house recycling or collaborating with third parties.
  • Interest in generating revenue from waste solvents rather than incurring disposal costs.
  • Moving towards more sustainable practices to meet environmental targets.
  • Focus on reducing energy consumption and emissions in recycling processes.
  • Trends towards traceability and control over waste streams.
New Innovations in Chemical Waste Generation and Recycling
  • Development of chemical resistant nanofiltration membranes for solvent recycling.
  • Implementation of modular processes to increase capacity in solvent recycling.
  • Adoption of zero-capex models for immediate ROI and cost savings in solvent recycling.
  • Focus on reducing energy consumption by over 90% using new technologies.
  • Introduction of more robust and efficient recycling technologies suitable for various industrial applications.


In conclusion, this webinar has effectively highlighted the evolving landscape of the chemical solvent recycling industry, underscoring key trends, responses from waste generators and management companies, and innovative strides in chemical waste generation and recycling. 

These insights not only shed light on current practices and challenges but also point towards a future where sustainability, technological advancement, and efficiency drive the industry forward. This session serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders looking to navigate and capitalise on these emerging trends.

Expand is delighted to have collaborated with SepPure for this enriching panel discussion. We are excited about the opportunity to continue supporting SepPure as they pave new paths in the chemical recycling industry.

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Written by
Brian Lim
February 21, 2024

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