6 Reasons to Enter the United Kingdom Market

The United Kingdom is a global business hotspot, offering a wealth of opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs alike. With its robust infrastructure, highly-skilled talent pool, competitive tax system, and access to the European Union, there is no doubt that it is one of the most attractive business destinations in the world.

Furthermore, companies can gain great benefits by entering the United Kingdom, some of which we have listed below:

Strong Infrastructure & Dynamic Entrepreneur Community

The UK — and London in particular — boasts a dynamic entrepreneurial community, supportive policy environment and strong infrastructure created by the UK government. Startups and SMEs are able to take advantage and benefit from robust networks, favourable policy incentives and regular opportunities to meet and cooperate with other ecosystem stakeholders.

A Stepping Stone to Europe with a Large Customer Base

As the VC and unicorn capital of Europe, the UK market is the ideal stepping stone for companies that wish to take advantage of opportunities in Europe as well as the UK’s world class capital markets and professional services. In addition to the UK’s large consumer base, companies are able to easily reach the broader European market of over 500 million customers.

Easy to Establish in the UK

Companies can easily establish in the UK, with very few hurdles to clear. Starting or registering a business is easy and is not subject to any visa or residency requirements. Furthermore, the UK makes running a business relatively simple in comparison to other European countries and boasts a diverse and highly educated workforce.

Leading Market in Europe for Funding & Investments

The UK is the leading market in Europe for Venture Capital, and leads in terms of volume of funding provided to startups, with total funding exceeding $19.6 billion in 2022. A variety of UK government policies that incentivise VC investing makes investors eager to explore opportunities to fund companies in the UK.

Opportunities in Multiple Industries

The UK is home to a variety of different industries and constant infrastructure improvements create new opportunities for companies on a regular basis. Almost every sector has clear opportunities, but startups in energy, transportation, waste management, financial services, tourism and telecommunications can benefit from recent growth and a need for improvements.

Variety of Grants, Incentives and Schemes to Support and Grow Businesses

The UK government has established a variety of benefits for companies to utilise in the market, and has created dedicated Enterprise Zones which provide extra support around business expansion and investment. Companies can access incentives and grants related to their industry to subsidise their investments and can also benefit from tax relief.

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Written by
Meghan Bridges
January 17, 2023
Marketing Director, Rainmaking Expand

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